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Marley Hutchinson

MG: A Collection of Uncertainty

Michael Green, British Painter and Sculptor. Born 1929.  

Michael moved from London to New York City in 1954 where he first established himself as a textile and product designer, until beginning his professional career as a painter and sculptor in 1965. Focusing mostly on themes of time and space.

Back in London since 1986 and now at 89 years old, his long established identity as an artist is now being challenged. After a series of health issues, Michael has lost the motivation to create further work, leading him to put down his tools indefinitely.

From a successful career spanning over 50 years, Michael lives surrounded by a lifetime of work, which he describes as 'living in his own autobiography'. As he gets close to a hundred years old, his ability to ensure the future of his work dwindles. Without a proper foundation yet set up, the uncertainty of his collection grows…


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